Labyrinth Balance Board

Labyrinth Balance Board Name of toy
A perfect toy for the mind and the body! Labyrinth Balance Board challenges its user to think on their feet while using their body to maneuver wooden balls through a labyrinth maze. Just stand on the board with your feet on the non-slip surface. Then use your feet and the strength of your abdomen to tip the board back and forth and make the colored balls travel in the direction you want then to move. Three balls are included for variations of use and increasing challenge. (


It is an impressive toy for fun and physical activity. As you rock back and forth, you control balance and coordination, improve concentration and refine gross motor abilities. The best benefit is the discovery that movement with a purpose is fun!

Simply step on the sides of the rocking board. Next, place the three wooden balls in the outer circle rim, then shift and balance to guide the balls into the center space. Or for a little easier goal… start the balls on the inside and maneuver them to the outside. Whatever you do, don’t let the sides touch the floor!(

  1. It will exercise your balance and control of movement (
  2. building strength in children’s bodies and minds
  3. An excellent resource for physical therapy
  4. Combines logical thinking & active play
  5. Control balance & coordination
  6. improve gross motor abilities (
6 years and up Ages
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