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usage of saffron in cosmetic

Facial beauty always has been important to everyone.
Although women pay more attention to this topic(issue)
but it’s important for men that they have a smooth, beautiful
and free of any pimple face, too.
Many ladies and gentlemen use different makeup creams to
cover dark spots on their skin. They themselves have any
adverse effects on the skin We’ve said it before that Saffron is
widely used in the medical and cosmetic industries.
The first material that was considered in saffron for the health
and beauty industry was a substance called kumkumadi tailam
oil that leading to being used from saffron in combination of
Kumkumadi Tailam is Ayurveda herbal oil used for face
massage. It is helpful to improve skin texture, complexion and
also to relieve skin problems such as acne, scars etc. Kumkuma
means saffron, which is the main ingredient of this medicine.
Saffron is a useful material for cleansing the skin
many people believe that saffron is useful in make skin clearer
and eliminate skin contamination.
There are two important elements:
Vitamin B6
leading to this that makes saffron to being effective for the
health, beauty and radiance of the skin.
results of use saffron on the skin:

1- Reducing dark spots caused by pimple, sun, pregnancy and
so on
2- Skin radiance property
3- Straightening and anti-wrinkle
4- Firming and lifting of the skin
5- Protects skin against free radicals

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shole zard

shole zard: The cookery have feeling enjoyable specially when make the ‘shole zard’ with cooking trick .you are sure to tell yourself what is ‘shole zard’? we explain to you in this part. ‘Shole zard’ is a delicious and sweet dessert and one of the traditional dishes of Iran that use saffron to making it. Shole zard has Countless fans for vow tradition, during Ramadan as iftar and also as a snack. One of the reasons to use this delectable dessert is the easy way to cook it. Food Ingredients include of rice, water, sugar, Edible Oil, saffron, rose water and to decorate it can be use from cinnamon powder, Pistachio slice and almond slice. Of course in the preparation of ‘Shole zard’ it’s better that use from chopped rice (Half grain rice). we mentioned this above that use from saffron in the Recipe of ‘Shole zard’. Therefore, its great aroma fills your entire neighborhood and its delicious taste will make you love this dessert. Be sure to try it once.